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Our Systems

  • Industrial Blowers & FansPressurisation and Ventilation Systems
  • Evaporative Air Cooling Systems for Comfort
    and Process Applications
  • Spot Cooling Systems
  • Textile Humidification Systems
  • Fresh Air Supply and Exhaust Systems
  • Roof Exhaust Systems
  • Fume Exhaust and Scrubbing Systems
  • Dust Extraction and Collection Systems
  • Gas/Fume Scrubbing Systems and many more
    such applications
General Ventilation:
Industry with complex operations and processes uses an increasing number of chemical compounds and substances, many of them are highly toxic. Well designed ventilation can lead to clean and healthy environment for the workers

Air Cooling / Humidification Systems
In evaporative air cooling the outside air is treated with water i.e. the air is made saturated by passing it through water shower or special cooling pads. The dry bulb temp of outside air is brought near to wet bulb temp and thus the air is cooled through adiabatic saturation process. The cooled air capacity is derived by carrying out sensible heat gain calculations viz –a –viz inside conditions requirement and the air is supplied after passing through filter, washer,
eliminator / Cellulose Pads through ducting & Grilles in the department.

Evaporative Cooling:
This system is a cost effective way to lower the temperatures in production areas and provide spot cooling for operators

Pressurisation and Dust Proofing:
We also provide Dust Proofing and Pressurisation systems with or without evaporative cooling of air.

Green House / Poultry Shed Ventilation:
VENTECH being in the industrial air cooling and ventilation also specialises in providing ventilation for Green House and Poultry applications with the help of Fan and Pad System.
VENTECH has developed an Axial Flow Fan especially to ensure air circulation in big tunnel type sheds.

Dust / Fume Extraction Systems:

The dust as being collected from sources such as grinders, lathes, drilling or other machines and sucked through a centrifugal blower and ducting by providing suitable collectors such as Cyclones, Bag Filters or Scrubbers depending upon the nature of dust.
Fume Extraction Systems are used for Plating process,Steel Pickling Lines, other Open Surface Tanks, Heat Treatment ShopS, Welding / Soldering Machines using scrubbing devices like Packed/Floating Bed Scrubbers in Vertical / Horizontal version, Vertical Sieve Tray Scrubbers and Venturi Scrubbers as per the application demand. 

Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems:
We also have expertise to design and supply lean phase pneumatic conveying Systems for granular material like Food grains,plastic granules,etc. as being employed to save time and effort also to prevent spillages / contamination ,etc.