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Ventech Systems Our Products Cyclones & Multi-Cyclones / Air Washers / Bag Filters
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    Industrial Blowers & FansCyclones  and   Multi-Cyclones   provide ideal solution to the problem of collecting the shavings, extracted dust in wood working plants, bark & chips, and adapted in other dust extraction systems.Centrifugal force causes the  suspended material to move towards the wall of the cyclone from where the separating out material drops by gravity along the wall of the cyclone unit; leaving the air  to escape through the top. A number of small cyclone (collector) cells are grouped together to form  a multi-cyclone, which attain high efficiency due to its smaller diameter feature; and is simultaneously suitable for handling large air quantity.

    The main advantage of cyclone include simplicity in design and construction, ease of operation and maintenance, has no moving parts and operates on a lower pressure drop  - thus requiring lower energy for dust separation . The main limitation is its inability to offer higher efficiencies for smaller and lighter particles. A number of cyclones can be operated in parallel to treat larger volume.

    Industrial Blowers & FansThe unit essentially consists of inlet air filter assembly, cellulosic fill media, forward or backward curved blower,mist eliminator, water re-circulating pump and an enclosure / housing for these components , ductwork,air distribution grilles,etc. 

    The Evaporative Cooling Pad (ECP), made of Cellulosic paper is engineered from cross-sectional, specially treated flute media capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide the maximum cooling efficiencies. The cellulose media is treated with stiffening and wetting agents to provide the cooling  without  any carry –over of water with air stream.

    The saturation efficiency ranging from 60 to 95% can be achieved depending upon air velocity and depth of cooling pad. Because of these unique properties of ECP, these are employed for air cooling not only for Green houses & Poultry farms but are  also being successfully employed for Industrial Air Cooling applications as well.We also supply spray type Air washer units.

  • BAG FILTERS       
    Industrial Blowers & FansBag filter consists of a number of tubular filter bag sleeves arranged in a square or rectangular matrix. These sleeves are supported from inside on steel wire cages to prevent them from collapsing .The dust laden air is drawn through the filter bag sleeves   by an externally connected Centrifugal Blower in its downstream end and thereby dust gets collected on the outside surface of the filter bag sleeves. The sleeves are periodically cleaned by short blasts (pulse) of compressed air.

    These blasts are in the opposite direction to the flow of dust laden air. This reverse flow flexes the fabric bags away from the cages and loosens the dust cake collected on to bags and the process is repeated for every row of bags. The filter media (standard fabric) is synthetic and non-woven needled felt. The suiting filter fabrics/media are available for different air/gas temperatures (upto 200 deg) and as per the application requirement. Apart from High ratio (Pulse jet)Bag filters, low ratio Bag filters of mechanical shaking type are also offered by us for specific applications.

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